Skilled Migrant


Skilled Migrants are welcome in New Zealand. There is a crucial skill shortage in some areas and and some parts of the country.

We are a team of lawyers based in Auckland who speak a range of languages including mandarin and are experts at immigration law.

Let us help you find the pathway you want to New Zealand.

  • At Queen City Law we can

1. Arranging your Visitors Visa for an exploratory visit

2. Organising  business meetings when you visit and/or Search out business opportunities for you

3. Research the market for business opportunities prior to your visit

4. Assist in the negotiation if the applicant chooses to purchase all or part of an existing business

5. Assistance with – opening NZ bank accounts, IRD registration Initial brief overview of the legal requirements of operating a business in New Zealand –

6. Tax,employment etc

7. Arrange a meeting with a Business professional to assist with your Business Plan,

8. Financial Feasibility Preparation of all documentation required to process your application with Immigration New Zealand and lodge applications for the appropriate visa

9. Continued contact with applicant until application approved.

10. On arrival to New Zealand we will assist if required to find suitable accommodation, schooling etc

11. Help settling into new country (followup calls)